Otakon Attendance List

Steam NameSteam PageComment
[Avatar] nig gersI'm tech support
[Avatar] jclarkI'm coming down with, like, 5 friends who aren't FAggots.
[Avatar] Hats and StacheI'm going to find your room and literally put a photo of my cock on it
[Avatar] garticumoesup bitches
[Avatar] Num Nums4
[Avatar] [KING]Reploidgoing to smoke weed with caps this july
[Avatar] WocHie [BASEDGOD]I doubt I'm actually coming to this gay anime fest but we'll see, I might decide I need to beat all you nerds up
[Avatar] Uninstall Wizardhey hey hey smoke weed every day
[Avatar] Solid Squid(σ・∀・)σ
[Avatar] atmuhoh boy
[Avatar] Vice Gripsimagine how bad they smell
[Avatar] Cats in Spaceohhi
[Avatar] elvis bosstellosmoke weed with caps this july
[Avatar] 안아주고 키스jk lmao
[Avatar] THE CRIMSON JThree more years. Staying in the toycaver room.

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